About Us


Buttercup Pole Dance sprouted in 2011 in the heart of Tampa and has now expanded with a Clearwater Beach location. Buttercup offers pole and aerial dance classes as well as private pole parties!

Get Fit, Have Fun, and Join the Family!



  • Pole Dance Classes offered 6 Days per week

  • Aerial Silks, Lyra, and Aerial Sling

  • Pole Dance Parties

  • Private Lessons

  • Studio Rental

Let's Talk


Email: Sarah@ButtercupPoleDance.com


PH: 813-443-5144

Buttercup Instructors

Sarah Jade - Owner/Lead Instructor

Penny Handsam - Senior Instructor

"10 years later, I still wake up excited to go to work!"

Kristal Stems - Instructor

"Life is much better spent upside down"

Whiskey Lynn - Instructor

"I love wearing sexy outfits, dancing & feeling confident. Oh yeah, and there's a bonus- it's a workout!"

Jen Lyn - Instructor

"I love coming to work and seeing everyone grow and feel empowered!"

Stella Jane -


Suzanne Curry -

Aerial Instructor

Don Hoover -


Lucky Day - Aerial Instructor

"Helping people to turn frowns and butts upside down is a blast!"

Kaku O -


"The music takes over and I transform."