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Policies and Studio Decorum

General Registration

  • You must register for classes online in advance; we cannot guarantee a spot to walk-ins.

  • All students must be 18+ and must sign a waiver upon entry or when taking online classes.

  • Please disclose any injuries to your instructor, and provide a valid emergency contact on your waiver.

  • Classes open up for registration 3 weeks prior to date of class.

Cancellation and Refund Policy

  • You may join the wait list for a class that is full, if you get in you will get an email, if you do not get in the credit* will be returned to your account. Please be prepared to attend class if you are on the wait list. 

  • A cancellation within 24 hours of class time is considered "late" and that credit will be forfeited. 

  • Remember that a "no show" means someone else could not enjoy that spot in class. Please cancel if you canot attend.

  • Buttercup has a no refund policy.

  • ALL packages have a 90 day expiration date from time of purchase.

  • Contract memberships must be fulfilled and will not be stopped unless the client sustains an injury or moves 35+ miles from the studio.

*Money paid for credits is not returned - however the credit for the class is returned to your account on Mindbody and can be used again until the expiration date.

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Attire Required for Class


  • Pole Tricks Class: Shorts, comfortable top, and bare feet.

  • Pole Dance Class: Shorts, comfortable top, bare feet or heels. Knee protection optional.

  • Aerial Silks/Lyra: Leggings and a tight to the body top with bare feet.

  • Flexipole: Comfortable stretchy clothing and bare feet.

Studio Decorum and Video Policy

  • RESPECT your fellow students and your instructors. Buttercup has a zero tolerance policy for inappropriate treatment of others. 

  • Do not practice movement during class that is not being taught. We cannot guarantee your safety and this is grounds for dismissal from class.

  • Do not teach other students. Instructors are insured and trained to spot you.

  • Please keep phone use to a minimum until the last 10 minutes of class.

  • Please do not record instruction. 

  • Before posting please get permission from all individuals in the shot. Please tag the studio and give credit for choreography.

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